4D Ultrasound, Prenatal Diagnosis and Treatment Centre 

四 維 超 聲 波 產 前 診 斷 中 心 

This section shows ultrasound images of interest. Please click into the following categories to view the pictures.




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1 First Trimester Fetuses 早孕期胎兒
2 Facial Expression (面部表情)
3 Boy (男性胎兒)
4 Faces (面部)
5 Girl (女性胎兒)
6 16-24 weeks faces 十六至二十四周面部
7 Baby Anatomy: Hands and Feet (四肢)
8 Baby Anatomy: Profile and Face (面部外形)
9 Twin (孖胎)
10 More faces (更多面部表情)
11 Heart and Great Vessel (心臟)
12 Baby Anatomy: Head and Brain (頭部, 腦部)